The Larson’s // Northern Minnesota Wedding Photographer

Being a part of a couple’s wedding day is a such a fun job + incredible compliment. If I could pick and choose as a photographer exactly how I wanted the weather to be, it would definitely be Chad & Heather’s wedding day. Perfect temperature, perfect sunlight – all of it perfect! I absolutely love when everything goes perfectly. I had so much fun being around Heather, Chad and all their family & friends. Thank you guys for being so amazing :) dsc_7253dsc_7278dsc_7315dsc_7297dsc_7308dsc_7292dsc_7548dsc_7863dsc_7691dsc_7726dsc_7871dsc_8077dsc_8077-1dsc_8499dsc_8581dsc_8681dsc_8678-1dsc_8700dsc_8722dsc_8739dsc_8739-1dsc_8804dsc_9348dsc_9449dsc_9528dsc_9528-1dsc_9532dsc_9573dsc_9592dsc_9592-1


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