The Beckel Family // Mccanna, ND Family Photographer

This past Saturday, I snuck in a quick family session with the Beckel family before they headed off for a long weekend at the lake. Even though COVID has put a hold on a lot of summer activities, I must say, it has been a great reminder that not being as busy can be a good thing too! It has definitely made for more time to enjoy the small things you don’t always have time for.

I can’t believe how much these boys have grown since I last saw them – especially Jackson! He totally could pass as a two year old – he’s so grown up! Max has the cutest freckles ever! It was so sweet to watch Max share all his toys with his little brother and chase him around to try and make him smile – he sure is a sweet boy. Also – Cole & Stacy’s 12th wedding anniversary is coming up – cheers to many more <3

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