Mr. + Mrs. Mollberg // Lake of the Woods Igloo Wedding Photographer

It’s safe to say Taylor & Travis had an EPIC wedding out at the Igloo on Lake of the Woods this past Saturday. What a special + unique location to tie the knot – a place that perfectly reflected Taylor & Travis + the place that they call home! The view was absolutely breathtaking. Even though it was quite cold, their ceremony was nothing short of magical. After their ceremony, Travis & Taylor celebrated with all their closest family & friends at the VFW with a delicious (& warm) Pot Roast, Corn + Potatoes. I don’t think Travis ever stopped smiling all day – Congratulations Mr. + Mrs. Mollberg!

I asked each of them to answer a few questions for me – here’s what they had to say:

1. What was your most memorable + favorite moment from your wedding day?
Taylor: My favorite part was listening to travis say his vows. He never ceases to surprise me.
Travis: The entire ceremony at the igloo was his favorite.

2. What do you love most about Travis/Taylor?
Taylor: I love that Travis can always make me laugh no matter the mood I’m in.
Travis: I love that we enjoy all of the same hobbies together.

3. What was going through your mind the first time you saw your bride/groom?
Taylor: I was so anxious to finally be getting to the ceremony and see travs face/reaction.
Travis: I was nervous and excited and wowed to see such a crowd there for us.


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