Mr. + Mrs. Flores // Northern Minnesota Wedding

Kickin’ off the first wedding of the 2016 season! Being part of a couples wedding day is so honoring :) Karly is one of the most organized brides I have EVER had (and I’m not complaining – it makes my job MUCH easier)! Chris & Karly seriously had the perfect day – and I’m not just talking about the weather or the most gorgeous sunset. Karly had the perfect dress, hair, makeup, smile (Chris is one lucky fella). Chris has a heart of gold and has so much love for Karly it makes me heart so happy! They literally had the BEST family and friends to celebrate their special day with. I hope when these two look back on their wedding day, they remember all the beautiful, fun people who came out to whoop it up with them in the infamous Thompson wedding shed :) These guys sure know how to throw a partayy!



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