The Luceks // Northern Minnesota Photographer

Justin & Sam + these three little girls – my gosh they are so adorable. I hope when I have kids they like to have their pictures taken as much as these girls did or I am in big trouble;) If not I’ll just have to steal Elyn – she is a little ham in front of the camera! Or maybe I’ll have to hire her as my assistant – she had so many fun + great photo ideas! Justin & Sam are definitely blessed with these little ones. Not only are they sisters, but also best friends for life :) dsc_2070dsc_2079dsc_2096-1dsc_2096dsc_2106dsc_2111dsc_2126-1dsc_2126dsc_2130-1dsc_2140dsc_2157dsc_2161-1dsc_2176-1dsc_2176dsc_2217dsc_2238-1dsc_2268-1dsc_2268dsc_2276dsc_2296-1dsc_2296dsc_2311-1dsc_2311dsc_2339dsc_2363dsc_2384-1dsc_2384dsc_2419-1dsc_2419dsc_2440dsc_2506-1dsc_2506dsc_2517-1dsc_2533-1dsc_2533dsc_2636dsc_2643


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