Kinzie // Red River 2018 Senior

Yesterday, I photographed another beautiful 2018 Senior – Kinzie. I swear, each year the seniors get more and more gorgeous. Her hair + makeup was absolutely flawless! Can you believe she did it herself? Shocked! I apparently have a lot of learning to do in the beauty department. Do teenagers even have those awkward stages anymore? Can you guys tell if Kinzie’s eyes are blue or green? She has some of the most magical eyes that change colors depending on what the lighting is like.

Kinzie plans on going to school for Physical Therapy once she is done with high school. I always think it is so awesome when my seniors have an idea of what they want to do when they “grow up”. I had NO clue what my future held in store for me at the end of my senior year, but I’m sure happy with the career path I chose :) Congratulations Kinzie – enjoy your senior year!


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