Katelin + Kyle // Thompson, ND Engagement Photographer

Excuse me while I pick my jaw up off of the floor – Kyle + Katelin make one stunning couple! I had the most fun time shooting at Kyle’s mom + dad’s yard – so many neat locations – so so beautiful. Darla pup decided being all clean + pretty just wasn’t her style, so she took a dip in the coulee.

These two have some major balance skills – I’m so thankful that their canoe stayed upright. If you can make it through your engagement session without tipping a canoe, I feel your set for life. I feel like that’s a life metaphor or something…In life you’re canoe may rock, but as long as you can work together and keep it afloat, your set! Wow, there’s my cheesy moment for the day ;) Enjoy the photos of these two love birds.


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