Baby Ivy – Sneak Peek

How adorable is this little peanut + her sisters? I always love seeing these little girls – they are always so welcoming and excited to show me their latest favorite thing. Yesterday, they were so excited to show me their new bunk beds – what a great gift for their upgraded big sister status :) Little Ivy LOVES to be held – cuddly babies are the best! When she gets sleepy, she makes the cutest little kissy face – such a heart melter. Congratulations Jessie & Anders :)DSC_1825DSC_1842DSC_1833DSC_1850-1DSC_1850DSC_1885DSC_1864DSC_1864-1DSC_1873DSC_1926DSC_1926-1DSC_1910DSC_1923DSC_1912-1


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