Baby Bauer // Northern Minnesota Newborn Family Photographer

Mr. Bauer wanted to make sure he got to meet his daddy (in person) when he entered this world! He decided to make his debut a couple days before his dad left for deployment. Bauer looks so much like his big brother Easton, especially as a newborn. While baby brother was eating, Easton and I decided to have an adventure of our own outside and take a few photos of just him (since Saturday was his SECOND birthday!). Can you believe we got all these smiles without any bribery? He may have had some fruit snacks hiding in his pocket, but he smiled all on his own! Baby Bauer gave me so many cute smiles + smirks throughout his photos as well – these boys already know how to turn the charm on!  Janaya, you are such a strong wife + momma  – your family is sacrificing so much for our country – all the hugs + love to you my friend <3


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